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Praise for Katz Tales series and Logomania Books

"As someone who is owned by her moggies, I've long been a fan of the Katz Tales column in The Star. Ellen Whyte has the uncanny ability to think herself into the mind of a cat, and writes with great charm while managing to imparting a great deal of practical information. Scoop, Au and Target deserve to be Malaysia's first feline superstars."
Sharon Bakar, author of Bibliobibuli book blog.

"Logomania, Ellen Whyte's latest tome about the origins of phrases, is the 21st century answer to the old-fashioned encyclopaedia. Crammed with fascinating facts, there's nothing dry, stuffy or antiquated about these anecdotes that every English speaker can relate to. With her signature humorous treatment, Ellen turns esoteric subjects into what they should be: heaps of reading fun."
Alexandra Wong, writer, Navel Gazer columnist,and Bunny's Prints blogger.

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