Ellen Whyte
Counselling psychologist and author

One Person, Several Lives

Hello! If you came here to look for a counselling psychologist, feel free to browse before contacting me. If we haven't already talked, what you should know right up front is this: I'm Scottish-Dutch, I live in West Malaysia, and I like to keep busy.


I divide my time between two jobs I love because that's what makes me happy.


Counselling Psychologist

I teach clients techniques to manage depression, stress and relocation issues. I work online, via Skype and Facetime, with individual clients. As we video call each other, you don't have to travel to come and see me. It's efficient and very private. You can see how that works here.


Author and Columnist

If you live in Malaysia, you may have seen my by-line in The Star newspaper, Malaysia Womens Weekly and other magazines. In my role as columnist and feature writer I have sold more than 3200 articles in over 12 countries. I also write romance and crime novels.



I keep my lives completely separate. If you and I decide to work together on a therapy issue, I will never ask if you want to talk to me for a newspaper column or magazine feature. In fact, you might want to know that I am excellent at remembering conversations but absolutely awful at remembering faces. So if by some wild chance we ever meet in person, I probably won't recognize you.


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