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The following quizzes and slides for groups were created by me and may be used according to the Creative Commons Attribution (BY) license. This allows you to share and remix (create derivative works), even for commercial use, so long as attribution is given.


Communication Class

Online lecture notes


Learning Styles Clinic

Are you shaking as you walk onto the speaker's podium? Need to present group work? Thinking of going on television for an expert interview or of MC-ing at a conference but just sweating at the thought of it? This one hour seminar will help you manage your anxiety during public speaking events so you can focus on reaching your audience.

Learning Styles Clinic Students PowerPoint

Learning Styles Clinic Teachers PowerPoint

Learning Styles Appealing To Your Inner Genius


Public Speaking Anxiety Management

Public Speaking Anxiety Management PowerPoint


Talking About Sexual Harassment

Note: this workshop is geared to a general discussion about this issue in a multi-cultural context. It is supposed to go after a single hour seminar that looks at basic information such as definitions, company conduct codes etc. If you want a basic "what is it" kind of a presentation, this is not it. This is intended to provoke an adult debate.

Talking About Sexual Harassment counselling workshop


Career Counselling

Some thoughts on career counselling theories, their limitations, and the implications for counselling.

Powerpoint Slides for Career Counselling Discussion


The Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) Approach to Career Development and Services

Some thoughts on CIP theory, limitations, and the implications for counselling.

Powerpoint Slides for CIP



Powerpoint Slides for Motivation for Students


The Science of Persuasion

Online discussion group and video


Promoting Student Engagement in Class

Notes for the participants

Love Malaysia - the bad presentation

Love Malaysia - the good presentation


The Stress In Your Life

Notes for the participants