Ellen Whyte
Counselling psychologist and author

Counselling Psychologist

I'm a counselling psychologist, specialising in teaching clients skills to manage stress and depression. I'm Scottish-Dutch, married to an American, and we live in Malaysia. I work with a multi-cultural client base.


Online & Super Private. I hold sessions online via Skype and Messenger. These video systems mean we can talk and see each other - but you don't have to travel to come and see me. It's efficient and very private.


Formal Education. I have an Honours Degree Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Stirling University, Scotland and a Masters in Counselling from Open University Malaysia. I'm associate member number 194/16 of the Malaysian Psychological Association and a full member of the Malaysia Mental Health Organisation.


Approach. I am an eclectic practitioner, which means I use various therapy techniques. My favourites include interpersonal psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy.


You Choose. When we make up our treatment plan, I'll suggest a strategy that I think will suit you best. When there are choices of approaches, I will explain the pros and cons of each, and how they work, and you choose which you want to use.


Personal. I am LGBT-affirming. I am also an atheist. Normally that doesn't come up in conversation but if you're looking to talk through questions of infidelity, sexuality, gender, divorce, abortion and other life issues without a religious perspective, you may find that information useful.


Contact. If you are looking for help, please contact me via email, telling me very briefly about your therapy issue and what time zone you are in.